Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Business model

Value proposal

What makes me unique, different, special?

A new wearable device for breast self-examination, low cost, easy to use, suitable for all women and safe. Prevention in all women who need regular check-ups. Agreements with doctors, breast units and diagnostic tests in partner centres: health cover for breast cancer. The product is adaptable to the patient, customization is not necessary

Key resources and partners

What gives me a strategic advantage? Who supports me?
  • Breast unit, breast specialist, surgeons.
  • Basic physicians and gynecologists.
  • Charity associations.
  • Participation in events to raise awareness of prevention with partner associations.
  • Participation to technology faires.

Potential clients, users and channels

How will I reach clients and users?

The principal target is women with high family or genetic onset.
It can also be proposed to young or pregnant women.
The channels are personal e-commerce site and promotion through partner centres.

Relevant documentation for device production and use


The product is assembled by external companies.

Analysis of costs, production, supply chain and services to clients

  • For the production of the device by external companies.
  • R&D team.
  • Technicians and workers for assembly and provide customer support.
  • Marketing activities.
  • Management of e-commerce.
  • Cost

Growth strategy

How will I make a sustainable impact?

Sale of the product.