Concept description

1. Sketch of enhanced & self-sterilizing face mask
The enhanced face mask will have a more comfortable and breathable fit, while minimizing inward leakage of particles to protect the user while maximising their comfort levels while wearing the mask. It is made up of cotton as it is one of the most environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, comfortable, breathable and soft material. Its hypoallergenic qualities also make it ideal to be used with sensitive skin, allowing more people to be able to use the mask. The mask also keeps the users cool by using cooling technology in the material. Lastly, it comes with an adjustable strap to ensure comfortable fit and reduce the pain on the earlobes due to the pressure points present.

2. Sketch of enhanced & reusable face shield

The face shield has a cap instead of a strap around the head to ensure that there is less pain on the earlobes. It also has an adjustable strap at the back of the cap for a more comfortable fit around the head of the user. The face shield is worn through the hole and has good coverage. To avoid possibility of hypoxia, the neck closure can be left open and adjusted by the strap to fit better around the neck if the situation requires the user to do so. Furthermore, there is cooling technology in the underside of the cap to ensure that it is not too hot for users and they are kept cool during their long working hours. Next, the transparent visor is waterproof & dustproof and allows for minimizing of fogging. Additionally, this face shield is reusable and environmentally-friendly as the parts can be separated and washed. Lastly, an idea that we could experiment on: the picture and details of patients who need immediate care will be shown at the side of the visor as it will be connected to the sensor at the patient's bed.

3. Sketch of portable UV Light Sterilizer

The concept of the UV lamp design is to create a structure that can sterilize a whole room. With previous designs, the operator of the lamp had to turn on the lamp and quickly leave the room as sterilization starts putting them at risk of exposure. Our design includes a delay circuit such as when the sterilizer is switched on, it gives the user 30 seconds to leave the room before it begins the sterilization cycle. It also includes a display and keypad for setting the duration of the sterilization cycle. A specific wavelength of UVC light – 222 nm – would be used as it is much less dangerous to humans, while still lethal for viruses and bacteria.