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Versatile kit for protection and sterilization

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized that each individual does play a part in the battle against a disease by being responsible and following the necessary precautionary measures. Usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the ways that individuals can play their part as a responsible citizen. We are a team of developers, composed of members based in different countries, with various specialized skillsets. We have come together to ideate for and design a versatile kit for protection and sterilization for healthcare practitioners, patients and the general population. The COVID AuxiKit includes: filtered masks apt for sterilization, re-usable face shields and a portable UV light sterilizer. The components of the AuxiKit works in synergy with one another to ensure the safety of the people by minimizing risk and exposure. The COVID AuxiKit is low cost, reusable, safe, environmentally-friendly, comfortable and easy to use for people from all walks of life.

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