Commercial parts

A) Portable UV Light Sterilizer

1. Quartz Material

The UVC lamps are made of specially designed quartz material. Quartz glassware provides protection against air and water flow, leakage and temperature changes as well as physical protection for the lamp. They are also shatterproof.

2. Heat shrink sheath

The lamps have a heat shrink sheath fitted around the lamp which permits the UV rays to pass. If the lamp is subjected to force and it breaks the glass and contents are contained in the sheath preventing them from falling into the product and causing spoilage, product delay and extensive clean up.

3. Ballast

The UVC lamps are operated from specially designed ballast.

4. Filaments

The filaments produce electrical current that heats up the mercury and helps create electrical arcs that produce UVC. Mercury bead is contained completely within the lamp structure and with proper recycling, the products are harmless and provide no risk to the environment.

B) Mask

1. Cotton

2. Straps

C) Face shield

1. Cap

2. Transparent visor

Please find additional commercial components under "Electronic & firmware".