Business model

Value proposal

What makes me unique, different, special?

A versatile kit for protection and sterilization, the COVID AuxiKit consists of filtered masks apt for sterilization, re-usable face shields and a portable UV light sterilizer. The components of the AuxiKit works in synergy with one another to ensure the safety of the people by minimizing risk and exposure. The COVID AuxiKit is low cost, reusable, safe, environmentally-friendly, comfortable and easy to use for people from all walks of life.

Key resources and partners

What gives me a strategic advantage? Who supports me?

Potential partners include healthcare practitioners especially those working in wards that require the usage of PPE, hospitals and UBORA.

We can also partner with the government for dissemination of our products to the general population.

Potential clients, users and channels

How will I reach clients and users?

The potential users identified are healthcare practitioners and patients. Our product can be used by the general population as well if the situation requires for PPE to be worn in public.

Our users will be reached out to through our own promotion and publicity materials, as well as publicity from our partners.

Relevant documentation for device production and use


The product is assembled by external companies.

Analysis of costs, production, supply chain and services to clients

  1. R&D team.
  2. External company that will manufacture and assemble our product.
  3. External company that will move and relocate the products.
  4. Employees that will provide customer support.
  5. Employees for marketing activities.

Growth strategy

How will I make a sustainable impact?
  1. Using components that can be recycled and reused to minimize environmental impact.
  2. Expanding the customer base to the general population as well as healthcare systems in other countries.
  3. Adding more components to the kit.
  4. Selling the products online.
  5. Improving features of products based on feedback from users.
  6. Ensure creation of job opportunities (e.g. assembly, customer support etc.)