Existing solutions

A market study has been carried out to analyse existing solutions that are similar to the solution being sought. 

Eight mobile applications related to melanoma detection through images have been found and analysed.  

The 8 applications that have been analysed are App Medgic, App Skinvision, App Mole Explore, App Miiskin, App Visus, App Test Melanoma and the App Melanoma Detection. The positive and negative points of these applications have been analysed. Some of them are more developed than others but most of them do not solve the objective sought in this project.

In general, the applications' interface is simple and all of them allow to take a photo of the area of skin to be analysed and allow the images to be stored to track an area of skin; however, only the App Vissus and the App Skinvision carry out any kind of image processing. In addition, it should be noted that many of the applications have operating errors. 

In conclusion, the device we propose does not exist as such on the market today. We propose an application with an easy to use interface. In this application we will try to make a questionnaire about the patient to contextualize, we will try to ensure that the photo has been taken in the right conditions and we will try to give a clear result. It also seeks to be able to carry out a continuous follow-up of the patients.The

Finally, it should be noted that this application is intended to support the doctor and that it does not replace his opinion