Concept description

The final concept of the melanoma application, once the physical principles have been evaluated, can be summarized as follows.

  • Programming language: Python. The code will be developed in python due to its versatility and simplicity in the use of neural networks.
  • Mechanical device: Not included.
  • Place of use: Computer. Although the best solution and the future lines of the project are to implement the code in a mobile phone, the first prototype will be implemented in a desktop application.
  • Storage: Cloud. The images and diagnosis will be stored in the cloud, facilitating access, and avoiding memory consumption of the patient's device.
  • Type of patient: Universal. There will be a free version of the application with the possibility of upgrading for a reduced price. In the case of dermatological clinics, the application will be rented on a monthly basis to be distributed to their clients, thus ensuring the contact between dermatologist and patient. 
  • Picture taking: Phone camera or any type of camera. The picture will be uploaded to the computer.
  • Type of light: Natural. The device will not include any external light source, although the patients can freely use any tool to improve the quality of the photo.
  • Operating system: Windows. To ensure universal access.

The following is a flowchart showing how the application works.