Quality criteria

In order to analyze the success and evolution of the product we propose, it is essential to establish criteria and parameters to measure its performance.
We have divided the criteria for measuring quality into three types, depending on the variable measured.

On the one hand, we have the KPIS to assess project management. Some of the variables we are going to analyze are:

  • Following the project schedule
  • Meeting the initial objectives 
  • Team satisfaction survey

In addition to the parameters related to the project management, we are going to evaluate the product development. To this end, some of the variables analyzed will be:

  • Fulfillment of product requirements 
  • Hit rate of the deep learning algorithm.
  • Number of melanoma detections
  • Correct functioning of the app
  • Number of failures in the application / server

Finally, it is interesting to measure the implementation and acceptance of the product by the public. To do so, the variables that we will measure are the following:

  • Number of app installations
  • Percentage of use of the app (number of registered users)
  • Number of incidents reported during the use of the app
  • Level of customer satisfaction