Existing solutions (open source)

There are several applications that perform a function similar to what this project intends to do. It can be highlight SkinVision, MiiSkin, Mole Explore, Legit-Health. A study was made of each of them to see their positive points and aspects for improvement. 

As positive aspects, it could be noted that  that they carry out an initial questionnaire about the patient, have a simple interface, give indications about the light and the distance at which the photo should be taken and ask about the area of the body where the photo is taken. 

In the points of improvement, it is noteworthy that they do not perform a continuous follow-up thanks to reminders, the diagnosis is not very accurate, the processing of the photos depends heavily on how the photo is taken and it is difficult to interpret the results because it does not make an accurate diagnosis. 

In addition, all these applications are paid.