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Melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer in the world. Every year, over 320.000 cases around the world are diagnosed, with growing incidence and mortality over the years. Europe shares the highest rates on incidence and mortality with over 46% of the total reported cases on both metrics.

Moreover, because of the pandemic, although it is not clear yet because of multiple factors, there have been reported delays in cancer screening and diagnoses, affecting melanoma, and estimated at 21% of cases not diagnosed.

This disease can be spread throughout the body and can be classified into stages, between those stages, the cost of treatment can be quantified around 6.000€ for the first phases and about 20.000€ for the latest stages of melanoma. Taking Spain as an example, early diagnoses can save between 7M€ and 25M€ annually.

IBC (International bioengineering company) is a healthcare start-up focus on allowing early detection of melanoma thanks to image recognition. Nevertheless, our goal isn’t only to offer a quality service to our patients but to create a real connection between them and the doctors. Time is the worst enemy of this affliction, our idea will help reduce diagnosis time allowing premature treatment, reducing patients risks and hospital congestion.