Carmelo De Maria

Mentor verified UBORA mentor




University of Pisa
PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering
Additive Manufacturing, Biofabrication

Working experience

University of Pisa

I am involved in development and use of medical devices as Researcher


Carmelo De Maria is Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at the Department of Ingegneria dell’Informazione, University of Pisa, and affiliated with the Research Center ‘‘E. Piaggio’’. He is guest professor in bioengineering at Addis Ababa University, and member of the African Biomedical Engineering Consortium secretariat. His research interests are in the field of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping technologies, with a particular focus in Biofabrication. He has several papers published in international scientific journals and in 2016 he received the 1st award as Young Investigator from the International Society for Biofabrication. De Maria is also co-founder and president of the FabLab Pisa.


System integration

Project Role(s)
2018 Leader
3DPI Mask - Filtering mask to protect against particles Mentor
A new sensorized pacifier to reduce SIDS Mentor
Ageing Society Tracking and In-Distress Device Mentor
aiCOVID-19 Mentor
Aid system for prone positioning of patients with ARDS Mentor
AMBU+ Mentor
An innovating walking frame Mentor
apparecchio per fototerapia infantile Mentor
Artromotore automatico per ginocchio e caviglia Mentor
Assistive Tactile Communication Device Mentor
Automatic Hand-Washing Machine Mentor
Biomedical protective suit Mentor
bronchoscope Mentor
Corax - a life box for burned child patient Mentor
CovAid - Open source wearable monitoring system for predicting/detecting respiratory complications Mentor
COVID-19 diagnosis with S.P.R. Biosensor Mentor
DeLiver box Member
Detection System of Surgical Sponges during Surgery Member
Development of Affordable and Reliable Diagnostic tools to record vital parameters Mentor
Device for soft tissues biopsy Mentor
DigiScope for digitalised care Mentor
Digital Plicometer Mentor
Dispenser automatico con sensore IR di gel disinfettante Mentor
Dispositivo per il monitoraggio giornaliero della postura Mentor
DPI-Vent Mentor
Electric Lice Comb Mentor
Electromyograph Mentor
Ergonomic and safe device for sampling in infectious diseases such as COVID-19 Mentor
Ethylometer Mentor
Face shield - iMold Member
Flexible Electrodes for Integration in Bioreactors Mentor
Fresh Breath Mentor
Gastrointestinal Probe Mentor
Hands Free Self Cleaning Dental Device Mentor
Heart-lung machine Mentor
Height-adjustable, non-contact, infrared thermometer box Mentor
HIV blood test Mentor
home used health monitoring device Mentor
Infusion pump Mentor
Infusore sottocutaneo senza ago Mentor
Insulin Pen Injector Mentor
Iodine tincture applier Mentor
Isola neonatale Mentor
JOB Member
Knee brace Mentor
LearnFromCOVID-19 Mentor
Letto per grandi obesi Member
Linear Surgical Stapler Mentor
Low-cost oxygen saturation monitoring system for multiple patients in acute care Mentor
mHealth System For Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients Member
Money sterilization machine Mentor
Multifunctional Surgical Kit Mentor
Multitester Mentor
Neurostimolatore transcutaneo Mentor
Open Oxi Mentor
Open-source Automated External Defibrillator (OAED) Mentor
Ophthalmoscope Mentor
Optical Trocar Mentor
Peristaltic Blood Pump Mentor
Phacoemulsificator Mentor
Phototherapy Lamp for jaundice Mentor
PILOT Mentor
Portable Neonate Warmer (PNW) Member
portable ventilator Mentor
Pregnancy Test Mentor
Probe for colonscopy Mentor
Rebound Tonometer Mentor
Respiratory muscle trainer Mentor
Reusable Face Masks Mentor
Smart Changing Pad Mentor
Spinal board made in carbon fiber Mentor
Sports orthopedic device with transtibial amputation for humans Mentor
Sterilization tools for Filtering Facepiece Respirators Mentor
Surgical Training Device for Sutures Mentor
Tonometro a getto d'aria // Air-puff tonometer Mentor
Tracheostomy Tube with Valve Mentor
Trocar ottico monouso Mentor
Universal Splint Mentor
UV sterilizer Member
Vented Mask Mentor
Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast Mentor
Wearable HelGlaSk (Helmet + Glasses + Mask) Mentor